As you know, I'm a huge animal lover. That's why nothing makes me more upset than when a great little buddy has no family to call it's own. 

Recently, I visited the Fairhaven Animal Shelter and while I saw so many adorable little buddies waiting to be scooped up by new families, there was one pup that caught my eye. Her name is Annie and she's so sweet and playful.  She's a six-year-old Cane Corso who unfortunately had to be separated from her original owner because he could no longer keep her.

Let me tell you, Annie's got a lot of love and joy to bring to any family that is interested in adding a new member.  If you think you could be Annie's forever family, feel free to call the Fairhaven Animal Shelter at (508) 979-4028.

Here's a video to tell you a bit more about Annie...