Imagine you're out for a hike, enjoying the day when suddenly you lose your footing, step the wrong way and break your ankle. Apparently you'd want some Boy Scouts to be there.

NBC's Ann Curry was certainly glad the guys came upon her. After heading out for a hike

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

with her husband and son last month in New York, Ann managed to take a misstep and break her ankle. Up in Harriman State Park, she couldn't do much more than sit and wait while her family figured out how to get some help.

Little did she know help was already on the way.

Boy Scout Troop and Crew 368 out of New Jersey was also out hiking in Harriman that day and when they came across Curry sitting on the side of the trail and jumped into action.

Taking a page from their Boy Scout handbook, the guys put their badge skills to a real life test. They splinted up her leg and even foraged in the woods for pieces of wood so they could build her a stretcher and carry her down the mountain!

All I can picture is Troop Beverly Hills when I think of this...


Ann's husband then drove her to the hospital, but she let everyone know what the Boy Scouts did for her with a super appreciative tweet and later she sent each of the boy in Troop 368 a handwritten thank you letter expressing her gratitude.

The entire rescue was also documented in Scouting Magazine where you can also see her thank you letter to the boys.