That title isn't just a statement, it's a fact. Today I read two stories in the Huffington Post where deaths of humans resulted from the attack or mauling by zoo animals in captivity.

I've never been a huge animal lover. I'm a fan of horses, and that's pretty much it. When I read these horrible stories about Orcas attacking the trainer or person feeding them, or in a case like the 24 year old man from Montana who was cleaning the grizzly pen. In the grizzly bear's defense, it appears that the young man was not attacked. According to Huffington Post the young man may have fallen, hit his head and become unconscious.

Then the bears ate him.

In another story, a two year old boy in Pittsburgh was mauled to death by wild African dogs. The boy fell into the exhibit and was then attacked by the dogs. Comments from the Zoo administrators reflected on the horrible incident, stating that there is not such thing as a "fail-proof exhibit".

I suppose I just have trouble understanding the desire to work with scary animals. After reading stories like these, I am wondering if Zoos are the new danger zone.