Wow! There are some serious ice cream lovers here on the Southcoast! I asked who has the very BEST ice cream in the area, and you all weren't shy to tell me!

I put the question out there last week, asking everyone to tell me there favorite. Then, I tallied up the totals and came up with a Top 5 List. The 5 ice cream places with the most votes were:

And the winner, with the most votes for BEST ICE CREAM ON THE SOUTHCOAST is...

Acushnet Creamery!!!

Acushnet Creamery led the way with just over 35% of the vote...Country Whip came in as a close second with just under 25% of the vote!

There's only one small problem with this result...and it's that I haven't tried 'The Best Ice Cream on the Southcoast' yet!  That will all change soon though, as Acushnet Creamery will be at our Chocolate Affair, May 8th at White's of Westport!  Find out how to get your tickets, and try all of the delicious chocolate treats for yourself, including from Acushnet Creamery and other yummy vendors, but clicking below:

Thank you to all that voted!  Enjoy your ice cream!!