To whom it may concern,

Last week our AC was broken and it was hot. HOT. H-O-T.  Someone even used their lunch break to go out and buy a fan for their office exclusively. Thanks for getting us all fans, fellow coworker, you really are a team player.  Someone else did a giant ice coffee run for folks but conveniently, left me out of it.  Now as this is all going on, I'm on-air and unable to leave my post for more than 2 minutes at time.

In two minutes time, I could go out to the ice cream truck and purchase 1, 2 or even 3 frozen treats and that would help cool me off significantly.  The problem is, the ice cream truck doesn't come here.

Why?  There are 20 of us in this building alone and dozens of ladies next door, working on their fitness and deserving of a frozen reward.  We've seen you drive down Sconticut Neck Road plenty of times over the past few weeks- what is stopping you from doing one round through ye ole' plaza?  Whomever finally decides to take a few moments to ring their ice cream truck bell outside of the Fun 107 studios might be pleasantly surprised at the turnout.  We're adults with more than just pocket change from our moms so bring on the screwballs and choco-tacos because ice coffee isn't going to cut it this time.


Hot and Hungry