Some things that expectant parents may think about before their little one enters the world may be which one of the parents will they look like? Will they be born healthy? What color hair will they have? One thing that's not thought about much is, will they be happy with the gender they were born with?

Imagine if you had to think of that though? That's what happened to the Whittington family. They were told they were having a little girl, whom they named Ryland. They were so happy when they learned Ryland was born healthy! They decorated her room pink and dressed her in girly baby clothes.

Why did God make me like this?

It wasn't long into Ryland's life, that they noticed some different behavior from her. She expressed that she very much disliked playing with girl toys, she requested boy Halloween costumes, and even drew a self portrait which was a photo of a little boy dressed in blue and green.

Ryland's parents were confused, scared and unsure what to do. They wanted their child to be happy and comfortable, so they honored her wishes of dressing in boy clothes and playing with toys that are normally geared towards boys. Ryland could feel that something wasn't right and would say things to her parents like, "When the family dies, I will cut my hair so I can be a boy." Also, while trying to get the words out through tears "Why did God make me like this?"

How incredibly sad to learn that a young child is feeling this way. Poor Ryland was confused and living with fear and shame. Feelings that no five or six year old should have to experience.

When the family dies, I will cut my hair so I can be a boy.

The Whittington's decided to speak to a therapist about Ryland. Together, with the help of the therapist, they decided that although Ryland was born with female parts, she identifies with the male brain, and they agreed that Ryland was transgender.

The Whittington's, as hard as it probably was for them, tried their best to make changes to accommodate their child. They started dressing Ryland in boy colors, her preference. They began referring to Ryland as "Him/He", and before long, Ryland was feeling much better, comfortable and most importantly, HAPPY!

While Ryland is just a little kid right now, we don't know what the future holds for him. What we do know though, is pronouns and wardrobes can be changed back. Maybe when Ryland grows up, he'll decide he enjoys being a female and wants to stay that way...or not. We'll have to wait and see.

I give Ryland's parents so much credit and respect. They did something that most parents don't even think about happening to them. Regardless of whether some people believe the Whittington's are right, or wrong. I believe they did what they felt was best for their child, and that's what matters most.

The video this family made is inspiring, it's moving, and it's an incredible look into a real life situation. I wish little Ryland and his family all the happiness in the world. Check out the amazing video here: