In the Steven Tyler vs Nicki Minaj feud, Steven Tyler is the first one to blink.  The former American Idol judge has apologized to current judge Nicki Minaj for a comment he made which she thought was "racist". 

In an interview with MTV, Tyler said that he didn't think there was enough camaraderie among the new American Idol judges, and he wasn't sure if the new judges were as able to be as nurturing with new talent as he and Jennifer Lopez were.

He added that if rock legend Bob Dylan had tried out for the show, he would have been sent to the cornfield.  Nicki then told Steven to go (deleted) himself on Twitter, and said he was a racist. because he implied that she wouldn't have liked Bob Dylan because she was a black rapper.

But now, in a new interview, the Aeromsith frontman said "I apologize if it was taken wrong Nicki.  I was just saying that if Bob Dylan came on the show, he'd have been thrown off.   Maybe I spoke out of turn, but racist I'm not Nicki."   Indeed Tyler has nothing against black rappers.

He collaborated with hip-hop legends Rin_DMC on a ground-breaking duet version of "Walk This Way" back in 1986.  Many consider that duet as the reason rao was able to cross over to the pop mainstream.