I don't think watching the TV Guide channel is something a lot of people do, but you may want to start tuning in soon!

Seems the folks at TV Guide have ordered up a reality show with the guys from New Kids on the Block! Not gonna lie, I got very excited about this idea.

The concept is based on the yearly fan cruises the guys have been going on for the last couple of years. Friends of mine have actually gone on one of these and say they are awesome. The guys make sure the meet all their fans and are really out with everyone as often as possible.

The show will not be all about thr New Kids however, fans are getting a big time spotlight on this one. In fact if you are a huge NKOTB fan you can audition to have you and your friends featured on the show as you go on the "vacation of a lifetime."

There's going to be a 30 minute casting special with fans and then an eight episode series called Rock The Boat: New Kids On The Block will start up. And Donnie Walhberg is going to be producing the whole thing.

The cruise itself doesn't happen until June and takes fans and New Kids from New York to Bermuda. So I'd assume the series itself won't be debuting until the fall.

Not sure if it's too late, but if you still wanted to try and audition for a spot on the cruise click here...