A new app is coming out that parents will love but kids will dread.

Creatas Images/TSM

It's no surprise that most teenagers ignore their parents' phone calls and text messages. Either they claim they're too busy to answer, or they're just plain annoyed or too cool! It can sometimes make parents really frustrated and worried about their kids!

eonline.com reports that Sharon Standifird of Texas, has created an app that fixes all of this.  Ignore No More helps out parents whose kids don't return their calls or messages.

It works by the parent device creating a 4 digit passcode that locks and unlocks the child's phone. The only numbers available are 911 and a few numbers that put them in contact with people that have the code to unlock their phone completely.

For now, the app is only available on the Android but Standifird says that they're developing the iPhone version.

This is a teenager's worst nightmare, but so relieving for the parents!

Standifird said she created this app because her son's unresponsiveness "went from a frustration to a worry."