This morning a caller shared an experience she had at home last night that can serve as a reminder to us all during this season and beyond.   She was home alone with her two young children. 

Her husband was at work so there was no car in the driveway.  After she put her kids to bed, she turned off the lights and prepared for bed herself.   Then the doorbell rang.  She did not answer after she saw the shadow of a man wearing a hoodie.

She then heard someone trying to break into her back door.   That is when she called 9-1-1 and turned on the lights.  The police did arrive in time to question two young men that were near her home.

They also noticed that one of her two back doors had been ripped off.   The police believe that the young men rang the doorbell of the home when they noticed no lights, trying to make sure there was no one at home.  When they assumed that was the case, they then attempted the break in.

Their advice is to leave some lights some as to give the appearance of someone being in the house.   It's the holiday season, and not everyone out there is blessed with the holiday spirit.  A sad but true fact of life.