Back in 1983 when 'A Christmas Story' first hit theaters, then 12-year-old actor Zack Ward didn't think too much about royalties, but now he wants them.


Scott Farkus is the yellow eyed bully that pushed little Ralphie over the edge in the holiday favorite, 'A Christmas Story'. When actor Zack Ward signed on, they switched his lines with another actor, but never upgraded his contract.

According to Yahoo, Ward wants to cash in on money he feels that he is owed. His face is all over the place, and on for 24 hour every Christmas thanks to TBS. 'A Christmas Story' has evolved beyond just a film. There are toys, ornaments, and various other collectables.

Ward is crying foul play, and is suing because he think that they tricked him into signing away rights to things such as action figures and dolls. His attorney is calling it an emotional violation of his publicity - whatever that means. It looks like after Christmas, this case is going fully to court.