In my eyes it's ok to be single but it seems as if everyone around me wants to tell me differently and I really wish they'd find newer things to say.

All my girl friends and myself seem to have the relationship status of "single". Do we go on dates and talk to guys, yes, but when around our families or other couples it seems as though we are given sympathy for being single and are constantly told these same 9 things over and over again and it gets to be annoying.

(1) You're going to become a "crazy cat lady".

(2) I can't believe you're single, you're so awesome.

(3) It will happen when you least expect it so don't go looking for it and don't give up.

(4) He's just not ready for a serious commitment, or maybe he's just not that into you so don't sweat it he doesn't deserve you anyways.

(5) Stop having the dating attention span of 2 weeks to a month. You need to give guys a chance without being so picky, no one is perfect.

(6) You have to love yourself before you can love someone else.

(7) You should let me set you up, I know the perfect guy for you.

(8) You're not really seen as dateable because you seem to be too busy and completely capable of not needing a man in your life.

(9) There's plenty of fish in the sea.