12-year old transgender boy from Alberta, Canada was granted a new birth certificate finally recognizing him as a boy.

Wren Kauffman, who was born a female, has always identified herself as a male. The family had been campaigning for a new birth certificate for quite some time but it was always policy that in order to be granted a new birth certificate a SRS or sex reassignment surgery was necessary. Alberta has since waived that policy and awarded Wren and his family with a new birth certificate at a pride brunch with the mayor of his hometown, Edmonton.

I am such a huge advocate for accepting people just the way that they are. Not everyone is the same or was born the same, and I think it is extremely important to not judge someone for not conforming to society's standards. Thank you Canada for allowing Wren to enjoy life as he wants to.  Hopefully, more countries will follow in their footsteps.