This morning on the Rock and Fox Show we were talking about the NEW yoga trend; BUTI yoga, and word on the street is there seems to be a small turf war going on here on the Southcoast.

With all of the yoga styles it can get a little confusing.  You've got straight up flow yoga, then theres; hatha, power, aerial, vinyasa, kundalini, kripula, hip hop yoga and the latest being BUTI Yoga which was created and founded by Bizzie Gold.


I took a BUTI yoga class at Ritual Sweat Society over the weekend and really liked it.  The studio was welcoming and spotless and seeing as I was new to BUTI yoga, I thought the instructor was great at explaining things at the beginning of the class.


aerial yoga
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But what we really want to know is who do YOU think has the best yoga classes and what makes them special to you?  We will share the outcome of this poll during the Rock and Fox show this week.



And regardless of who makes this list, nobody is doing it wrong.  Yoga is a personal practice and everyone is in it for reasons that are unique and special to them, so go get your yoga on wherever you want :)


#yogisonthesouthcoast 💆🏻🙏🏻

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