A friend of mine recently noticed a town worker going through her trash outside. He was looking for plastic that could have been recycled instead. When he decided that she disposed of her trash correctly, he left a note on the lid of the grey recycling cart commending her for the job well done.


I was curious about this interaction because I hadn't heard anything about it yet. I asked around, and this is what I learned:

"Starting the of August 8, 2017, a grant program obtained by the DPW will be starting. The program is for a Recycling IQ Kit. There will be 2-4 employees from the District and Town of Dartmouth going around and checking/grading recycling carts. This will occur every other week for a 16 week period, as they are only checking comingled carts, not cardboard. The 'cart checkers' will be wearing yellow vests and each has a marked recycling duffel bag with them with various products to be used while checking each cart. The program is to try and clean up or recycling material and to help educate our town. If a cart contains non-recyclable materials, there will be a card left at the cart explaining how to correct it. If a cart contains mostly trash, it will be turned around and not picked up that week. The card left will explain this with a phone number to contact should there be any questions."


The program runs every other week because they only grade on plastic recycling days, and plastic bins (grey lids) only go out once every other week. See the 2017 schedule HERE.

Curious about what is acceptable to recycle and what is not? Click HERE for a video from Dartmouth Recycling on do's and don'ts. Get an A+ every time!