A Google conference held this weekend revealed that technology may make its way into your wardrobe.

Google Inc. and Levi Strauss & Co. could potentially join forces and create the first ever pair of smart jeans.  A few details were revealed at the conference, but this “wearable technology” may be on the market as soon as Fall 2016.

The tech venture named “Project Jacquard” is aiming to produce clothes that can display information, interact with, and transmit/relay data from nearby devices. Those who wear the jeans would be able to control an iPhone with a simple tap on their lap.



The news, featured on the Today Show, revealed that the technology has already been created and that designers just need to come up with creative ways to integrate it into their clothing.

Developers at Google are working with a Japanese firm to engineer conductive fibers so that it can be woven into almost any textile.

This new future of clothing is pretty cool which makes me wonder who would buy "smart" clothing.

Would you buy a pair of smart jeans?


With additional reporting by Victoria Meneses