There's always going to be new trends in weddings. From a hairstyle ever bride wants to wear to a type of picture people seem to be taking, every season brings something new. But there is one new trend I just can't even wrap my head around.

They're called uni-moons and they are apparently honeymoons you go on by yourself.

Seems some couples are so busy these days that they can't find the time to honeymoon together and instead take a solo vacation around a business trip to start off their marriage. And if you ask me that sounds horrible!

Isn't the point of the honeymoon to set aside time to start your marriage together with some quality alone time and a chance to unwind from all the wedding planning? Why would you want to tack an extra vacation day or two onto the end of business trip and just spend that time by yourself?

Maybe it's just me, but if your new marriage doesn't mean enough to find vacation time together (even for just a few days), are you really ready to get married? Shouldn't you want to start out your new life together actually together? Shouldn't your marriage rank as something you rearrange your schedule for?

Would you ever take a uni-moon?

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