Today, after sitting at one of our many 4 way stop signs, and well lets just say I was a little upset by how people were just flat out confused on how to use this traffic flow device. I just couldn't believe it - okay people, it's a 4 way stop sign, not a rubik's cube. How hard can this be? So lets go over the rules so everyone can be on the same page here - road rage over. Here are the actual rules right from the Massachusetts Drivers Manual:


At an intersection controlled by stop signs in all directions, you must yield the right-of-way to...

•Another vehicle that has already come to a full stop at the intersection

•A vehicle on your immediate right that has stopped at the intersection at the same time as you. Confusion can develop at four-way stop intersections.

-You should try to make eye contact with the drivers of other vehicles at the intersection to better judge their intentions and avoid accidents.