It has been rumored for quite awhile that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had fathered a secret child and recent DNA reports may prove that rumor to be true.

Brandon Howard, a 31-year old singer/songwriter who goes by the stage-name B. Howard, received some media attention these past few days following up with a DNA test that allegedly found a 99.9 percent chance that his father is the late Michael Jackson, according to the Huffington Post. TMZ later reported that the original reports were false while the New York Daily News is linking him to Joe Jackson.

This is not the first time reports of Howard being Jackson's secret child have surfaced. Back in 2011, following the release of his song "Dance Floor", he was questioned in an interview about the possibility that he is Jackson's secret child. His answer was quite evasive and with the most recent allegations Howard took to his Facebook page, posting a video, to address the issue. He is trying to avoid these reports.

Conspiracy theories have continued to follow Michael Jackson in the years after his passing and theorists love this story. Jackson was linked to Howard's mother, who went by Billie, back in the 80's around the time of the "Billie Jean" release. So maybe he is Michael's son?