You'd think that as Fun 107 we'd have something to do with the fun theory, but it is actually a project from the folks at Volkswagon and it is a fantastic idea.

I really don't know how I never heard of this before, considering they have been working on the fun theory for over five years now. But somehow I have just found the life changing project and wanted to share the idea with others that may not have seen this yet.

Fun can change behavior for the better

The concept is simple, there are lots of boring everyday things that are good for us and our planet that people simply don't do. And the fun theory wonders if we would do more of those things if they were in fact more fun.

Like recycling our bottles and cans. The folks at the fun theory created a bottle deposit that acted like an arcade game.

Or taking the stairs instead of the escalator. The fun theory created musical stairs at the subway and got a lot more people to exercise as a result.

It seems like a simple idea, but it gets amazing results! And the projects have a pretty wide range. The fun theory folks have found ways to make picking up trash more fun and put together the best plan I've ever seen to get people to observe the speed limit.

So after seeing the projects The Fun Theory have already come up with, what other every day activities would like to see them fun up next?