Do I dare look at another Blount clam cake after yesterday's contest? Oh, yes I will. They are delicious and we had a great time at the Blount Clam Shack in Warren, RI.

Competitors from all over the Southcoast and Rhode Island met up at 2pm yesterday afternoon to battle it out in the form of Blount clam cakes.

For ten minutes, we had to eat as many as we could. When I first saw them I said, "Oh, I'll just pop them in my mouth like tic-tacs. This will be easy," but looks can be deceiving. I easily got through ten in the first five minutes, but the last five minutes got brutal, I only could get through another three for a grand total of thirteen Blount clam cakes.

I decided to go up against Chris, our Promotions Guy, and prevailed over him by one clam cake.

I was dealing with some heavy duty food eating professionals though. I did place fifth out of ten, so I'm happy with that. I can't for next year's clam cake contest at Blount Clam Shack in Warren, RI. See you there!

This year's winners (L to R):  Peter Lemoi (18) (2nd), Joe Menchetti (21) (1st), Bob Allcock (17) (3rd)

Winner 2012, 2013, and NOW 2014!  Joe Menchetti with 21 Blount Clam Cakes!

Check out the rest of the pictures and video of the contest below.