whaling city festival

Festival Officially Cancelled
The Whaling City Festival's board of directors has officially cancelled the 2014 festival. In a letter sent out Tuesday night, the 45-year-old festival's directors said the budget simply could not support the event without taking on significant debt...
Still Hope For WCF
There's still hope that there will be a Whaling City Festival this summer.  New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell has conceded that if there are enough police officers and enough lighting...he would consider allowing the festival to be extended by one hour.  T...
Cancellation Explaned
"As of this point, it has been cancelled this year," said Alan Richard, WCF president this morning on the FUN Morning Show.
Alan Richard called in this morning to clear up any questions our listeners and residents of New Bedford had regarding the cancellation of the WCF.
Whaling City Festival
New Bedford City Officials and the board of the Whaling City Festival continue to be at odds about how late the festival should be open and could ultimately be the reason for its cancellation this year.

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