Marathon Runner “Twerks” To Finish Line
What a great day in Boston yesterday as the Boston Marathon was celebrated by almost 1 Million spectators and over 30,000 runners.
We saw the first American win on the mens side since 1983, a beautiful day, many happy faces, and THIS women who may have had the best finish line move of all the runners…
Twerk Alert!
Demi Lovato may have said that she hates the twerking trend while her pal Miley Cyrus twerks till she can't twerk no more. But the 'X Factor' judge is not above getting her twerk on every once in a while. She twerked up on her boss Simon Cowell during last week's episode.
Twerking Punishment
It seems as though the twerking craze is quickly going down hill. A mother in Bakersfield, CA is punishing her 11-year-old daughter for twerking at a  school dance by making her stand on a busy street corner, holding a sign.
Twerk Fail Revealed
So as it turns out, the video that we posted last week that was the worst twerk fail we had ever seen, was all a clever joke played by the one and only, Jimmy Kimmel.
Harry Styles of One Direction Slams Twerking
Sounds like one member of One Direction wasn't a fan of Miley Cyrus' 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance. Harry Styles lashed out at twerking in general -- and since the craze has been largely associated with Miley since she adopted her new "urban" identity, this coul…
Star Twerk
There is still reaction coming out of Hollywood and even space over the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke VMA preformence. Here's how it went down on board the USS Enterprise. Kahn!!

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