Recipe Requests new Bridal Shower Trend
This year, I have been invited to a total of 5 weddings and the 5 bridal/wedding showers leading up to them. The new trend I am noticing is that each of the bridal shower invitations is requesting that we bring a recipe of our own.
I've sort of been a lazy bones about participating...
Christina Ricci “Ricci-ing”
So you've heard of "Tebow-ing"...well, now the latest "trend" is "Ricci-ing".
What's that you ask? A new trend started by actress Christina Ricci, where she squeezes herself into tiny spaces and somehow captures a photo of it. So far she has managed to squeeze hersel…
Snaggleteeth Trend
We are used to seeing people with perfectly straight teeth here in America, but in Japan it appears that another way is the new craze.