Can Michael Go All Weekend Without Talking?
Welp, the kids must be back to school, because they brought home some kind of a virus that knocked me for a loop this week.
Monday's Rock and Fox show was pretty normal. Lots of fun. Lots of laughs. Gave away some money. It was Monday, but we powered through it...
Hold The Phone....Or Not
As it stands right now in Massachusetts, you cannot text while driving. That was made illegal in 2010. The law specifically said drivers over 18 years old could still make and take calls on their phones, as long as "1 hand remains on the steering wheel at all times...
Chatty Cathy
We'll here a little something we kinda don't talk enough, and women...well, Maybe this has happened to you? A husband, boyfriend, brother, friend ever tell you that you talk too much? It turns out that there is a very scientific reason for this to occur.