star wars

Harrison Walks Out
Han Solo I mean...Harrison Ford stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night to talk about "42", his new hit movie about Jackie Robinson...and well as you would expect, the topic of "Star Wars: Episode 7" came up.
See an Adorable Kitten’s Jedi Mind Trick
We suspect this video is supposed to be cute. It is not cute. It is terrifying. Cats are not to be trusted. Sometimes you can pet them. Sometimes they try to rip your flesh off with their angry, sharp claws. Why would you want to imagine a world in which they can control things with their minds…
Southcoast’s Biggest Nerd
There's a lot of different species of nerds. You got your Trekkies. Star Wars fanatics. World of Warcraft gamers. Even Lord of the Rings followers. Which group do you fall into?