Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage!
Last week the music world lost an absolute legend. We honored Prince right here on Fun 107 by playing some of his greatest hits. Out of respect for him, I held off on posting this video because Prince and Kim Kardashian are two names that should never be mentioned in the same sentence...
Carrie Underwood Brings Adorable Girl Onstage [VIDEOS]
Carrie Underwood released the music video for her hit single 'See You Again' back in June, which featured an adorable little girl named Brooklyn running into her father's arms after he returned from military service -- and she gave the little girl an encore onstage performance on Frid…
Bieber iPhones
If you are going to a Justin Bieber show in the near future, you may want to refrain from tossing your phone up on the stage.

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