Taylor Swift Announces New Single… Fans Go Crazy
Taylor Swift swept through Massachusetts a couple weeks ago and rocked Foxborough like a hurricane. Yes, I did just make a Scorpions reference. She played most of the songs from her new Album ,1989, and mixed in a variety of old ones like Love Story and I Knew You Were Trouble (my personal favo…
Poll: When Do You Stop Being Single?
We were talking on the air this morning about being single.  I told Loren that when I think back on my "single days", I usually include the time that I was married without kids.  I told Loren that even though she has been married for 2 years...
TS New Song
Taylor Swift released her anticipated song "Out of the Woods" at midnight last night and it was the #1 selling single overnight!
Single Vs Married
Being married versus staying single seems to be the ultimate "grass is always greener" scenario. I mean the movie The Change-Up was based on that entire idea. But which is really better?
Breaking The Single Cycle
If you spent another weekend trying to meet someone at the same bars, clubs and restaurants you always go to, then you may need to break the vicious cycle. So are you feeling brave enough to try something new?
Single Girls Debate
As I'm looking through my Facebook news feed the other day I stumbled upon a status from Billy Teed saying "if a women is beautiful and single there's a 93% chance its because she's crazy." Ladies and gentlemen I beg to differ.

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