Freetown Police Warn Motorists of Strange Threat in Roadways
The Freetown Police Department has posted a new sign outside of the Freetown State Forest warning motorists of a potential threat in the town's roadways.
In addition to the hazard of the sudden appearance of deer, raccoons and other animals that can appear in the road without notice, Freetown Police …
Price Is Right
According to CBS Sports MLB Insider Jon Heyman, the Boston Red Sox have nabbed the crowned jewel of this year's MLB offseason; David Price.
Kim K. Humiliated in Canada
Kim Kardashian is known for her assets and one of the shortest marriages on record. A construction company in Canada is taking a shot at Kim with a fantastic sign on a construction project in Toronto.
Rules About Refills At McDonald
We were driving up to visit my parents this weekend, when we pulled over for a McDonald's pit stop. This sign floored me. Have we sunken this low as a society that we actually have to hang a sign like this? What cracks me up is that behind this sign is a story...
Kanye Walks into Sign
Recently, Kanye West and his baby mama Kim Kardashian left a restaurant in Los Angeles, only to encounter a swarm of paparazzi snapping photo after photo, but if you're going to lower your head to avoid being photographed, watch where you're going Kanye or else you'll be the victim of…

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