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Parody of "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea
Another popular song,another parody of that song.
Are you getting tired of every successful song being spoofed these days?
We saw TONS of them with the success of many songs this year, and this is yet another attempt at humor.Take a look at "I'm So Pregnant" and see if you laugh…
Mariachi Band Follows High School Principal All Day [VIDEO]
New Bedford High School was recently in the news because of a prank that closed the school for one day.
Many were vocal about the type of prank it was and how it affected people negatively.
Seniors at a high school in Santa Barbara thought of a prank that seems to get nothing but laughs at their high …
Plane Almost Lands On Sunbather
I"m sure that when you are at the beach, you are aware of your surroundings.
Not this guy though!! Apparently this plane needed to make an emergency landing on the beach, but check out how close it comes to running over this sunbather in Germany...
Worlds Greatest Paper Airplane Throw
We have all made a paper airplane right? How far did it travel?
No where NEAR how far this one went! Check out this guy and his paper airplane and where it ends up. The entire soccer stadium goes nuts when it gets to the end of the flight...
Disney's Space Mountain With The Lights On
I just got back from yet another great vacation to Disney, and as always it was a sad day when it was time to come home. But that's ok, the countdown has already started for the next Disney vacation in 2015.
This year, as my daughter and I rode the people mover in Tomorrowland which goes through…
Trailer Truck Crashes Into Overpass
There is a reason why there are markers at every overpass and tunnel or bridge. Its so trucks know if they can fit under it.
The driver of the trailer in the video will learn the hard way abut the value of those signs.
Watch below to see how much the truck suffers from not fitting under the overpass..…

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