scot reiniche

Adult Swipes Ball From A Kid At Red Sox Game
it was not a good night for Yankee players or fans last night at Fenway Park.
We all know what happened with Michael Pineda, but did anyone see this in the stands?
Check out this video of an full grown adult denying a child the chance to get a souvenier ball...
Meteorite Just Misses Skydiver
I have never jumped out of a plane for a skydive in my life. I don't think I've ever considered it for a second. This video will keep that streak going.
This is the first time in history that a meteorite has been filmed in the air after the fire trailing it goes out...
Shooting In New Bedford's North End
One man is in the hospital and two are in custody following a shooting just after 3pm on Saturday near the area of Beetle and North Front Street
According to the Standard Times, John Burgo, 27, of 322 Dartmouth St., was shot in the pelvic area...