No Food Allowed in the Fun 107 Refrigerator
Our office kitchen has undergone a complete renovation. Over the past month, we have gone from a vintage 1992 kitchenette to a granite counter top and contemporary cabinetry from Couto Construction. Our stainless steel refrigerator arrived this week, but there are some very strict rules, includ…
Dog Park Rules
New Bedford's first off-leash dog park, the Captain Jack Peterson Dog Park, is officially open. But some people aren't thrilled with the park's posted rules; 25 rules, in fact.
Ten Commandments Of The Feast
The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament returns Aug 3-6th. The event is full of food and fun, but to get the most from this festa weekend there are a few rules to follow...
A Diva In The Making
People have compared her sound to Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, now Ariana Grande may be living up to their diva ways as well.
World Cup Sex Rules
The pressure of playing well in the World Cup has got to be huge, but for many teams there isn't much release from that pressure. Lots of coaches have set up sex rules for their teams...and some are just kind of weird.

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