Lady Gaga Engaged!
She may be one of the most out there performers on the planet, but there is one thing that was very traditional for Lady Gaga recently.
Single Vs Married
Being married versus staying single seems to be the ultimate "grass is always greener" scenario. I mean the movie The Change-Up was based on that entire idea. But which is really better?
Sleeping Says Alot
Are you a fan of cuddling up or need to get some space while you sleep? Whatever way you prefer to get some shut eye, it apparently says something about your relationship.
For Better Or Worse
There are some stories that you hear about and just have to marvel at how grounded and well adjusted some people are. Though I have no idea how I would handle such a situation, I can only hope that it would be something like this woman.
Marriage Limits
I had an interesting conversation with my husband over the weekend, where I was pretty surprised with what he had to say.
Relationship Success
No two people are the same. Everyone reacts differently depending upon their background, values and viewpoint. So it's hardly surprising that a man and a woman bound together in marriage would have a few bumps communicating with one another.

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