This Job Was for Me, and It Could Be for You, Too
I remember being in high school and college looking for the "cool" job. I'm glad I found an internship with Fun107 that then became an awesome part time job. Little did I know it would lead to an amazing career in the broadcast industry.
For years I've been working at Fun107 and WBSM; first interning, then part time and now full time for three years. In those years I've taken a lot of photos during my "shifts". Add the recently popularity hashtagging and BOOM, I've created my own little collection of #MyOfficeRightNow photos that remind me just how cool working in the media industry has been.
want to work for fun 107?
Interested in a job within radio? Well we have great news for you! Whether you're looking to join the Fun Street Team and be on location outside the studio or simply interning for the Fun Morning Show, all who are interested are encouraged to apply today.