#Selfie “Singer” Revealed
The song, if you want to call it a song, #Selfie by "The Chainsmokers" has climbed the charts.
Some people LOVE this song, but for others, its like car wreck, you know its bad, but you want to look!
2 DJ's produced the music track on this song, and until now the woman you here i…
Big Papi Takes “Selfie” With President Obama
The Boston Red Sox were honored today by President Obama at the White House and after The President talked about how the Sox were the ultimate "Team" and spoke of the inspiration they were to the city of Boston, David Ortiz presented the Pres with his own Jersey...
Ke$ha Bares All In Twitter Photo
We wouldn't be too far off to say that Ke$ha marches to the beat of a different drum. Her latest tweet shows us how she prepares for the MTV Video Music Awards, and apparently clothing in optional.