Peters Family Orchard

Loren Learns To Make Pie
Once again, Chad and Auntie Mae at Peter's Family Orchard have stepped in to help me make an awesome Thanksgiving dinner. This time they taught me how to make an apple pie.
Loren Makes Stuffing
The fine folks at Peters Family Orchard have stepped up again to help me prepare for my homemade Thanksgiving dinner. This time, I learned how to make stuffing!
Loren Preps For Turkey Day
The holidays are rapidly approaching, and once again I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner. However, this year I am having a much larger group of people over, and I don't feel prepared at all. Peter's Family Orchard in Acushnet has stepped up in a big way to help me out!
Old Fashioned Fun
We're always looking to create fun family memories.  Over the weekend, we gave Peters Family Orchard a visit in Acushnet.