Nurse Week
We had over 250 nominations for your favorite nurses on the Southcoast so we wanted to make sure everyone got a little shout out.
Bruno Mars and Ellen Team Up For Prank
Ellen teamed up with her guest Bruno Mars to pull a hilarious prank on a sweet nurse. Ellen hired a nurse to administer a quick medical check up on Bruno while he was in his dressing room.
What the nurse didn’t know was that Bruno was wearing an ear piece connected to Ellen&CloseCurly…
DJs at Fault?
Judging from some of the comments on Fun 107's Facebook Fanpage and Fun, there are a number of people who believe that the two Australian radio DJ's are responsible for the death of a nurse
Australian DJs Speak
Gutted. Shattered. Heartbroken. These are the feelings two Australian DJ's used to describe their feelings during their first TV interview since the apparent suicide of a British nurse on Friday.