New Bedford Whaling Museum Publishes Whaling Crew Database
BOSTON (AP) — The New Bedford Whaling Museum has put together a digital list of all the men who set sail on whaling voyages out of the port to help people researching family history.
The list contains the names of more than 127,000 sailors as young as 10 and as old as 70 who set sail from 1809 …
Free Fun Fridays
There are four Fridays left to take advantage of free museums and attractions in the state of Massachusetts as part of the Free Fun Fridays program. Coming up, are some local favorites that should definitely be highlighted, like the BP Zoo, Plimoth Plantation, the Whaling Museum and more!
Sinkhole Swallows Pricey Corvettes At Museum [VIDEO]
This is an "OMG" moment, especially if you love cars. Corvettes are like unicorns to me. I love them so much, that I'll pause and watch one drive in front of me, and won't move again until it leaves my sight. To see this video of a sinkhole swallowing a few of them up …