Summer Storms
There are many reasons to love this area. A shake-you-to-your-core thunderstorm is no exception. When I was a kid, I'd climb out of my bed in the middle of the night to watch the "light show" from my bedroom window. That usually followed with a "Get away from there...
Lightning Strike
It was an eerie sight caught on camera not long after Pope Benedict XVI's shocking announcement. A bolt of lighting came down from the heavens at struck the cross on top of St. Peter's Basilica. Then, a short time later, it happened again. Was this a sign from God?
Lightning Strikes [VIDEO]
There is nothing like getting up early in the morning to the sweet sounds of thunder and lightning. I'm more of a rainy, cloudy, stormy person anyway.
I was able to capture the quick flash of lightning outside our FUN 107 studio window and it brought me back to when I was a kid pressing my face…