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If you're still out there shopping for the perfect sparkly gift for Christmas, don't worry there is still time.
Ideas For Mothers Day Gifts
Mothers Day is coming up fast, and of course Mom deserves a nice gift right? But, sometimes it can be tough to figure out what the perfect gift should be.
Of course, you can always go the beauty salon route. What Mom doesn't want a day at the beauty salon...
Costume Ideas
The New Bedford area certainly has a lot of history and culture behind it. So forget about going as some crazy pop culture reference this Halloween, but instead why not go as a locally inspired one?
Gift Ideas
It happens to all of us- we somehow forget that every second Sunday in June is Father's Day.  Well here is your notice- Father's Day is this Sunday, June 16th!
Super Bowl Food
This Sunday for the Super Bowl, I'm throwing a party and I want it to be "beyond delicious." I know every year everyone has those awesome recipes and tasty things that make the party, and I want that.