Hollywood's Worst Tippers
You'd think with all of their money, they'd be a little bit more generous, right?  I'm talking about celebrities, but unfortunately, some of them are pretty stingy when it comes to tipping!
Female Celeb Prime is 34
It is no secret that Hollywood favors the young and beautiful but should a female actor earn less per role once she passes her prime?
USA Today reported a study conducted by the Journal of Management Inquiry stating an actress sees an increase in her salary throughout her twenties but drops rapidly o…
Academy Award Nominations Announced
"American Hustle" and "Gravity" leads the pack this year with ten nominations followed by "12 Years A Slave" with nine. The biggest surprise is Scorsce's "The Wolf of Wall Street", with nominations in the following categori…
Prop Wars [VIDEO]
A group called Sneaky Zebra decided to use the power of Hollywood and take props from some of the most recognizable movies and have a little fun.
Celebrities That Don’t Pay Their Taxes
It seems almost normal now to find out that a celebrity, more frequently musicians, owe the government money.
This year the list included names like Lindsay Lohan, Lionel Richie and most recently, Nas. Lindsay Lohan doesn't come as a shock, but Lionel...