hip hop

Ticket Giveaway
Beyonce and JAY Z are "On The Run', making a stop at Gillette Stadium on July 1st and Fun 107 and Style By Tiffani have tickets for you. Beginning Monday, June 23rd, Fun 107 listeners will be listening for back to back songs by JAY Z and Beyonce...
TLC Bio Pic
This looks so good, I can't wait! I can say that growing up in the 90's, TLC was on the radio everyday! Arguably one of best female act's of all time!
Major Beef?
The answer might strangely be yes. So why exactly might H.O.V.E. be throwing shade the way of the famous Hollywood actor?
Saggy Pants
You knew this was only a matter of time. When somebody decided to say and do something about people who wear really baggy pants! A new PSA released by the Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts is encouraging young men to pull up their pants.