Heather Fink

Peter Pan Must Die
I love a really good mystery with a lot plot twists and turns along with a few quirky characters thrown into the mix. In John Verdon's latest novel, Peter Pan Must Die, he delivers an intricate plot and flawed characters in spades.
One Kick
If you were abducted as a child, how would you rebuild your life? Would you live in constant fear or take charge? In Chelsea Cain's latest novel, One Kick, one young woman must make just such a decision.
Frozen Yogurt Pearls
Do you enjoy eating yogurt? Would you eat frozen yogurt in an edible container? I have to admit that I love yogurt, especially Greek yogurt with whole blueberries or passion fruit. However, I have never had the desire or inkling to eat the container.
Operation Shakespeare
In John Shiffman's Operation Shakespeare: The True Story of an Elite International Sting, the Pulitzer Prize finalist explains how government agencies such as the FBI, Commerce and Homeland Security work together to combat the growing threat that arises when U.S. military technology is sold to Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea.
Save Money
When you enter Stop and Shop, do you automatically reach for the handheld scanner to shop for your groceries?
Teen Takes Charge
What do you do with your cooking oil? Cassandra Lin, a 15-year-old girl from Westerley, Rhode Island, co-founded Project TGIF which turns ordinary cooking oil into usable bio fuel to help those in need of heat.

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