‘Supermoon’ Could Force Closure of New Bedford Hurricane Barrier This Week
The New Bedford Hurricane Barrier may be closing several times this week in light of the "supermoon." The moon is making it's closest pass to earth in nearly 69 years this week, and is having a significant impact on ocean tides. New Bedford Port Director Ed Anthes-Washburn tells WBSM News the Army Corps of Engineers will be keeping a close eye on the tides, as they could cause problems l
New Owner Will Face Challenge With Butler Flats Plan
With the report that the new owner of the Butler Flats Lighthouse was touring the property this week, it appears the Texas businessman’s plan is to turn the 118-year-old lighthouse into a bed and breakfast. It’s a plan that has already worked out well at another SouthCoast lighthouse, but there’s no guarantee Butler Flats will have a similar outcome.
Seals Undergo Surgery
A couple of animals at the Buttonwood Park Zoo have undergone surgery. The Zoo's two harbor seals, Yellow and Blue, underwent surgery last week to improve their vision and overall eye health. The surgeries involved removing vision impairing cataracts from the eyes of both seals and the repair of a fallen lens in one of Blue's eyes...