happy birthday

Happy Birthday Aidan Bernier
Your birthday is just one of the many things you look forward to growing up, and when you're a great kid like Aidan Bernier, and get visited by Michael Rock, Loren, and Larry during school lunch, your birthday gets a little bit better, and creates a great birthday memory for years to come.
Happy 21st Birthday To Gary The Intern [VIDEO]
Kids grow up so fast don't they? One minute, they're just recording audio into our computer systems, and the next minute we're wishing them a Happy Birthday on the FUN 107 airwaves. Our very own Gary The Intern hitting a milestone today by turning 21 years of age.
Show Stopper
Most of us here at FUN 107 love to celebrate birthdays, except for me.  When JR was here, I was not alone, but now that he's gone I'm left as the only birthday Scrooge.  It took everything I had to make a big deal about Larry's birthday yesterday, but I did...
Is Facebook Making Us Insecure? [POLL]
On this day 10 years ago, Mark Zuckerburg invented Facebook in his Harvard dorm room. Today it is the largest network worth about $175 billion according to USA Today. In the last 10 years, Facebook has gained 1.23 billion active users and an average of about 6 billion likes per day...
Happy Birthday J.R.
Everyone has their own special day, and today belongs to our very own J.R. who's birthday is today!
Happy Birthday Mariah!
From the 90s to now, Mariah Carey has been with us. Now she's judging on 'American Idol', but we remember the days of 'Honey', 'Fantasy', and 'Heartbreaker' and want to wish Mariah a very happy 43rd birthday!
Larry Celebrates A Milestone Birthday
February 26th, 1978. Was that really 35 years ago? Wow. I don't feel old or any older for that matter. Just feels like another number to me. I still goof off and play like a little kid, and that couldn't drive my wife up a wall faster than anything.
Restaurant Sued
This is another example, in my opinion, of humanity losing thier minds. I went to a restaurant on Saturday for lunch. My daughter noticed that a few people were celebrating a birthday there, but instead of the usual joyful waiters and waitresses singing happy birthday, it was JUST the guests.