Bridgewater State University Safety App
This Rave Guardian app is meant to offer some piece of mind to students concerned for their safety on campus. Bridgewater State University is offering this tailor-made app to students with smart phones. Compatible with Androids and iPhones, students will have the ability to "initiate a panic ca…
Texting And Driving Causing More and More Accidents
The numbers are getting higher and higher. Accident are up month after month from texting and driving. :and even GPS apps on smart phones are causing accidents.
The question is what can be done to prevent this number from growing? It seems to be that even with laws in place, drivers are going to cont…
New York Cab Driver Pranks Riders
I love hidden camera pranks. It can be funny to see people react when odd things happen.
Check out this video of a New York City cab drier who startles a few unsuspecting riders with his "GPS"