government shutdown

Government Shutdown Will Not Impact Old Ironsides
BOSTON (AP) _ The partial federal government shutdown isn't knocking ``Old Ironsides'' out of commission. Officials say The USS Constitution, the world's oldest commissioned warship, will remain open to tourists during the shutdown at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston...
How Pizza Ended The Government Shutdown
It’s the late night snack that nobody can resist around the world. I don't care who you are, a good slice of pie can make anybody get something done. Even the United States Government. At least something gets them to do something.
Can't Stop, Won't Stop
There is a group of very special people in this country who doesn't care what the government says when it comes to the shut down, and frankly, they deserve to have it that way.
Govt. Shutdown
As of midnight on October 1, 2013 the United States Government officially shutdown operations. So what exactly does that mean for the regular everyday Joe?