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F&R Auto Denied License
Embattled Westport car dealership F&R Auto had its license to sell vehicles in 2017 unanimously rejected by the town's Board of Selectmen on Wednesday.
Select Board Chairman R. Michael Sullivan cited a list of 113 consumer complaints submitted to the State Attorney General's office in denying the…
Jarrid Tansey Update [VIDEO]
It was one year ago this week that one of the most talked about local stories took place. The famed "Pizza Delivery Guy vs Used Car Dealer" video went viral after Jarrid Tansey was stiffed out of a tip he thought he earned, and was then berated by the staff of F&R Auto in W…
On Wednesday, Jesse James Hamel was caught after allegedly robbing the New Bedford Credit Union on Purchase Street in New Bedford.
But you won't believe what this guy used to do for a living.
According to his Facebook profile, Hamel was apparently a salesman at...
Jarrid Tansey [VIDEO]
It's Friday night, and I was driving through the North Dartmouth area on Route 6 and saw the Palace Pizza sign and said, "I wonder if Jarrid Tansey is working tonight?" And he was. So I pulled out my trusty iPhone and spoke with him.
Westport Dealership Prank Fail
I find this absolutely disturbing. Being a former pizza delivery guy myself, trying to make some extra bucks, I can totally feel for this guy, especially after what a Westport Car Dealership did to him.