Back In The Day Flashback In Fairhaven
When the Shawmut Diner closed for good on Monday, It got me thinking about all the places that I went to for years that have closed.
Today we flashback to Route 6 in Fairhaven. Rite-Aid stands there now, but before that came along, a great Italian restaurant spent many years occupying that space...
Captain Zoom Flashback To The Plastic Record
Its flashback time! I was having a discussion in the office about old records, and out of no where, I sang out a line from this very famous Happy Birthday song.
I remember having it on a plastic record and we had to put pennies on it so it didn't slip...
Wendy’s Training Video- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
We all love Wendy's, especially since they are open latre night on the weekends. Maybe you love it so much that you would want to work there!
You can get a leg up on getting the job by watching this Wendy's training video. In the video, Dave Thomas himself tells you how to be at your best w…

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