Who Has the Best Fish Tacos on the SouthCoast?
Let's face it, there's nothing more delicious than a taco. Sure, all that greasy ground beef isn't the best thing for you, but you rationalize it by dumping tons of shredded lettuce, tomatoes, olives, guacamole and whatever else catches your fancy on top of that greasy goodness and sa…
Tasty Portuguese Sauce For Fish
We live in the number one fishing seaport in all of America! Let's celebrate our catch with a sauce that will become a favorite of yours! In Portuguese the sauce is called Molho Escabeche. Use this sauce on baked fish, and when you spoon it over fried fish, you'll smile ear to ear! You can…
Fire on the Grill
There's a ton of stuff you can cook on the grill for the summer, chicken, steak, burgers, hotdogs, but not fish, especially sardines.
Help Me Get Rid Of The Fishy Smell
I mentioned today on the show that as much as I enjoy cooking fish at home, I just can't get past the stink it leaves behind in the house. My wife baked cod for dinner last night and this morning the smell was still lingering.  I asked Fun 107 listeners for tips...
Cat Dives Into Fish Tank [VIDEO]
Go fish?
That's exactly what this cat did; no fishing pole or bait needed.
We have to imagine this was a plan a long time in the making. We're just not sure the feline hunter predicted having to be rescued from the tank soaked, shocked and fishless...
Giant Goldfish
Just imagine the size of the goldfish bowl you'd need for this. In the depths of Lake Tahoe, some researchers scooped-up a monster goldfish that measures over a foot-and-a-half long, and weighs over 4 pounds.